Setting up Sonos

Hi champs, I’m really new to openhab, I found it to be a great project to get into. My problem is setting up my Sonos to my Openhab.

What I did so far:


#Add a line for each Sonos device you want to pre-define
#The format is .udn=


#Interval, in milliseconds, to poll the Sonos devices for status variables

.item file

Switch Sonos “Power Sonos” {sonos="[ON:RINCON_000E58A8E02401400_MR:play],[OFF:RINCON_000E58A8E02401400_MR:stop]"}
Dimmer VolumeSonos “Sonos Volume” {sonos="[RINCON_000E58A8E02401400_MR:volume]"}
Switch ledstatus “LedStatus” (Sonos) {sonos="[ON:Diane:led], [OFF:Diane:led]", autoupdate=“false”}
String currenttrack “CurrentTrack [%s]” (Sonos) {sonos="[RINCON_000E58A8E02401400_MR:currenttrack]", autoupdat$
String radiostation “RadioStation [%s]” (Sonos) {sonos="[Diane:radio]", autoupdate=“false”}
Switch SonosPlayPause “Play/Pause” (Sonos) {sonos="[ON:Diane:play],[OFF:Diane:pause]"}
Switch SonosPlayControl “Sonos Play/Pause"
Switch next “Next track” (Sonos) {sonos=”[ON:Diane:next]"}


Frame label=“Sonos”{
Switch item=Sonos
Slider item=VolumeSonos
Switch item=SonosPlayPause
Switch item=SonosPlayControl
Text item=currrenttrack label=“Track: [%s]”

I still can’t get the music to play, stop, next or view the current track, any help would be a great help


Question do I have to use the In-line option or can do it via wireless connection?

Do you have the binding in the correct folder? When you restart OpenHAB check the openhab.log file for details of whether the binding has found your Sonos.

What version of OpenHab? OH1 or OH2?

Wireless is fine.

You’re the second one I’ve seen to have “_MR” at the end of the RINGCON. Mine doesn’t have it.

Yea, it is. it’s a manual installation.

sudo apt-get install openhab-addon-binding-sonos
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
openhab-addon-binding-sonos is already the newest version.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 179 not upgraded.

its OH1

What’s in the openhab.log file? That will give us a clue as to whats going on.