Setting up WOL


I am a newbie with openhab, struggling currently with the WOL binding. I am running a raspberry pi with openhabian and managed to configure my Fritz DECT Switch and to control it with Alexa.

Now I would like to add a way to start my NAS via WOL and openhab:

I have installed the WOL binding using PaperUI. Then I have added the following line to my an .items file:

Switch NasWol “PlexServer” {wol=“”}

In PaperUI, I can see the switch under items - but how can I actually add it to the Control Tab, so that I have an actual switch to trigger?

Do I need to create a “Thing” for the NAS as well?

Thanks for suggestions,

Hi Christian,

WOL is an “old” openhab 1.x binding. This means that no Things are supported by this binding. So your configuration in the *.items file is the right way.

But as far as I know it is not possible to show 1.x items in the PaperUI control section. So to use your item you have to use a different UI, e.g. HabPanel, BasicUI, etc. For all these UIs (except HabPanel) you have to set up a sitemap