Settings for OpenHab windows app

I have an openHabb2 running on a Raspberry pi 3 (openhabian) and experimenting with both PaperUI and Habpanel. Now I would try the Windows app, but I cannot connect to my openhabian. I can see that there are a local and a remote URL, but no matter what I put in there I get no connection. What should I write where: my hostname, my ip, and port?
I thinks it’s the same as for the android-app: http://< IP >:8080

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thx man was looking for the config.

Removing the username and password form the config, and setting remote URL to http://< IP >:8080 hejped a bit. Now it seems to find my setup, at least i get an icon named “HOME”, but immideitely after the app just stops. So now I cannot chnage the configuration anymore ;-(.