Settings returns a 404 error

I’ve been using the openhab app on my pebble and phone for a year or two, but I just got a new phone and after pairing the pebble with the new phone, attempting to access the openhab pebble app is returning a github 404 error

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I got the same problem. Reason is the following line in config.js:

var configURL = ‘’;

This page doesn’t exist. The config page is on

(note the ‘-’ instead of ‘.’)

I am not sure if anyone is still maintaining the app or if maybe the config page could just be moved to the URL set in config.js?

I have the exact same issue. Is there a reason the URL can’t be fixed? To be honest it looks like the URL was changed the wrong way on the openhab github side of things.

Best regards, Alex

The current maintainers of the github repo are aware of it and promised to fix it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The issue has been fixed by the repo maintainers. :slight_smile:

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