Setup arduino pins directly inside OH

Hi to all community !

Do you know if there is a way to configure the pins of an Arduino card connected to ethernet, directly from OH ?
I installed MQTT for communication between OH and Arduino. I would like, since an OH config file, to specify which pin arduino is an output and which pin is an input.
I was using jeedom, another home automation software, which allowed this:

An idea ? Maybe we need to create an arduino sketch with variables sent from OH ?

Did JEEDOM provide an arduino sketch to enable this?
If yes there is no equivalent in OH, but you could write your own and pass the parameters to your arduino via json payloads with mqtt for example.

Yes, Jeedom provided an arduino sketch to make this work.
I’m going to look at your idea more closely but I don’t have all the skills to do it easily, I’ll try to understand how it all works.

I feel that openHAB offers many possibilities but maybe my project is too complex for this one. Here a diagram of my project to better understand:

If you ever know where to hire developers who know OH well and are able to help me, I’m interested !

In the meantime, I’ll try to see if I can’t modify the arduino sketch ( provided by jeedom for use with MQTT and json payloads.