Setup Ecobee3 with OH2 on Raspberry Pi

Has anyone been able to get an Ecobee3 to work on Raspbery Pi 3b? I’m entirely stuck and am beginning to suspect it just plain doesn’t work on rPi.

I’m slightly confused by that reply… I think you’re just connecting another post from someone who’s entirely stuck like me, right? I see them having the same problem, but I do not see a solution… did I miss the response?

edit: I’ll add that I followed the manual binding configurations. I created an ecobee developer account, an app, copied the key into the file, set smartwrite, hup’d OH2, and nothing … I have no idea how to force the PIN to get generated.

So I do not have the “spaces in the config” issue. However, I might be missing the JAR.

Umm… super basic question: where does the binding come from? I do not know about any JAR files. I also don’t see anything in about “download and install a custom binding JAR from xyz location” or anything like that.

Thanks to @vzorglub I’ve learned that PaperUI was not configured to an expert-enough mode in order to see 1.x bindings and thus it was not possible for me to see the Ecobee binding. I changed /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg to put me in expert mode, I rebooted, and now I see the binding!

After doing this I immediately saw a PIN code in /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log . Unfortunately I can’t figure out where to enter that on the Ecobee site (I think the website is broken; I see a bunch of JavaScript validation errors and I think they’re breaking the input box), but that’s a separate problem from my original topic of “does this work on an rPi? answer: yes, given the right mode.”

Oh, I should mention that I’ve called Ecobee support and confirmed that their website is currently broken. I’m not crazy - there’s literally no way to enter a PIN code right now.