Setup Fyrtur Blinds with HomeKit

Hi there,

I am having some trouble setting up my Ikea blinds to work with HomeKit. They do work for open and closing but I also wanted to control them via the position input. I only was able to make it work using a rule which triggers when there is an update from the HomeKit device and the set the position on the channel. Shouldn’t that be possible by directly piping this value to the channel instead using a rule?

I have setup a model for each blind with its different channels

At the moment the only thing which works is if I set the needed meta data on the roller shutter control. If I try to set the meta of blind_living_room_m to WindowCovering, Blind middle to WindowCovering.TargetPosition, HoldPosition and then Blind position middle to WindowCovering.CurrentPosition this doesn’t work for me and I don’t get any messages sent to my mqtt broker.
Anything what I need to setup differently here?

Openhab version: 3.0.2