Setup KNX binding 1.9.0 on openhab2

i install openhab2 and install KNX binding 1.9.0 like img

but in inbox I did not find the KNX binding like Kodi binding or GPIO binding

so how to setup and config KNX on openhab2.
I know i can use knx.cfg but on openhab2 i learned that no flie .cfg
thanks for help

All 1.x bindings are configured through .cfg files, only 2.x bindings can be configured through a graphical user interface.

thank sihui,
can i ask you some question
i have KNX router like image

the ip of router :
so can i config the knx.cfg like follow:
knx:ip= ( the ip op router like image)
knx:type= TUNNEL
knx:localIp= the ip of my raspi)
knx:serialPort= ??? ( i don’n know to config)

thanks you

I don’t know, sorry, I don’t use knx. But maybe we can ping @Udo_Hartmann, he is a knx user …