Setup thing that sends back an output as parameter

I’m not sure if this is possible, but I want to setup a thing with a channel where, when I create the thing in the openhab backend ui (localhost:8080) I have the option to enter some parameters like ID on the device, username & password of some kind. These values should I have access to use in the backend when coding the other things.

     <thing-type id="stick">
		<description>Stick binding</description>

			<channel id="channelstick" typeId="stick-channel" />
	<channel-type id="stick-channel">
        <label>Stick channel</label>
        <description>Stick channel for Binding</description>

Supposed I created this thing and channel. How can I set this up, so when I create the thing in the openhab paper ui, I can write some parameters that I can access in the java backend?
Any suggestions?

I think Bridge Things are usually what are used to implement something like this. Though it might just be a binding configuration parameter. It isn’t entirely clear.


I solved my issue :wink:
A bridge worked well with some configurations so far… then I can update the config by these parameteres.