Setup Wi-Fi after installation OpenHab on raspberry pi 4

I did a successful installation of the OpenHab system on a raspberry pi 4. During the installation my pi ws connected to the internet via a cable.

Now the system is up and running I want to disconnect the cable and start using the system via Wi-Fi.

But I can’t enable it…… not in the openhabian config. Also changing the openhabian.conf file afterwards did not work.

In the manual it says that I should have been done this before the installation and I didn’t see this before the installation L.

but is there a way to do this now (after the installation)?

Hello Marco,

it should be possible to change this after installation via openhabian-config.

What exacly is wong with the connection?

Have you seen this?

i don’t get connected to the wifi. At my router i only see an IP-adress for the cable connection. i changed the openhabian.conf file at the root directory and set my SSID and PW, and reboot the system but didn’t workout.

I re-installed openhab : Put the image-file on the SD and before putting the SD into the PI i edited the openhabian.conf file and changed the following parameters;

  • Main PW
  • ISP and PW
  • TimeZone
  • Country
    inserted the SD into the PI, reboot and wait for two hours.
    now all is working fine.