Several devices as Controlpanels

  • Platform information:
    Hardware: raspberry 4 and several zeroes
    • OS: openhab3

Hello Community!

Im new in this Community, Openhab and even in trying linux. And excuse my english as well :smiley:

Ive set up openhab3 via openhabian setup on my raspberry 4 and it works well. I even managed to add some devices and items and created a first tryout-dashboard.

I have several raspberry zeroes with touchdisplays, which I want to use as controlpanels for my smarthome in different rooms(some of them wall mounted)
So my question is, how I get this to work.
I want the Panels to be connected to the dashboard of the central openhab Server on my raspberry 4. I dont know, which OS I should run on the Zeroes and how to show only the Dashboard on them. How do I manage, that the dashboard is started from Startup? And i dont what them to show ist in a Browser so that there is an adressline. I want ist to be „idiot-Save“
Only the dashboard to control lamps etc.
I hope I explained well enough so at least one Person Understands :smiley:
I didnt find any Other topic but I think there must be some. But i dont know what to search.

Couleur someone help out plz?

Thanks for every answer :slight_smile:

Search for “kiosk mode raspberry pi” on Google and you will find hundreds of tutorials.