Several fixes and new translations in ESH parts


I have just built a new ESH stable which is now contained in the openHAB distro #1012 onwards.
It includes 63 changes, many of which are small bug fixes, not worth to mention individually (please scan the changelog yourself, what might be relevant for you).
Major efforts have been put into adding translations to French and German for many ESH bindings (Hue, NTP, WeatherUnderground, Tradfri, etc.) - special thanks to @Lolodomo and @cweitkamp here!

A noteworthy new feature is the automatic duplication detection in the Inbox: If you have defined a Thing in a file (e.g. a Philips hue bridge or a Sonos speaker), the auto-discovery will now be able to recognize this and discovery results of the same device are now automatically ignored. No need to do that manually anymore. This is implemented for Hue and Sonos bindings so far - whoever wants to adapt other bindings will need to add a representation-property to the Thing descriptions of the according binding, similar to this change in Sonos.

Another note for all developers: With this ESH update, we have now introduced the use of @NonNull and @Nullable annotations to make interface and method contracts more precise. At the same time we switched from XML declarations for OSGI Declarative Services to an DS annotation approach - the binding archetype has been updated accordingly. You should make sure to use a current IDE setup that is based on Eclipse Oxygen and have the latest “perform setup tasks” applied.

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Another feature that I would really like is to be able to disable auto discovery for a specific binding (in my case the RFXCOM binding). Would it be feasible to make this a generic feature? Or should this be a binding specific setting?

The reason I need this, is that my wireless garage door opener and my neighbours’ send random thing id’s that are picked up by the binding. I need to manually hide tens or hundreds of things from the Inbox every once in a while. I only need discovery rarely, so switching it OFF by default and enable it when I really need it would be nice.

I don’t mind creating a request for change at but in what repo should this be?

Actually, this feature has been there since the beginning, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been really correctly adopted by the bindings (and I never checked it in reviews).

I have just created which at least makes this available to all bindings hosted at ESH - once this change is merged and pushed to openHAB, a few small changes to the RFXCOM binding and others should suffice to make this feature available.

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