Share your openHAB weather sensors data with the world!

It’s been done before using Rules DSL but here is a jython script version fwiw.

If you’d like a jython version, the weatherStationUploader let’s you share your openHAB weather sensors data with the world!

As a development project, I’ve put it on gitHub to allow effective an way to collaborate.


New features introduced in new version.

The configuration has been put in a separate file allowing you to download new versions without having to change the script.

More is on the way …

I’d be happy to know if someone is actually using the code.

New version of the weatherStationUploader is released.

weatherStationUploader is now is distributed as a community submission to the openhab-helper-libraries (formerly Jython scripting for openHAB 2.x) The documentation is located at

WU is bought by IBM and no longer available as free service for the openhab community.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
What would be the motivation to upload data to WU?

If you have a personal weather station that is reporting to TWC (formerly WU), you still have free access to the API. And there’s a binding…