Share Z-wave dongle over IP (USB over IP using ser2net / socat ) guide

(Chris Jackson) #81

I’ve never heard of any problems with serial ports failing, so there hasn’t been anything to get around.

(Kris K) #82

The serial port isnt failing. Its virtual, mapped from another machine over IP. If that machine reboots, then the mapping is lost and effectively OH2 looses its virtual Serial.

(Chris Jackson) #83

Sure - I understand that. My point was that the binding is designed to use a serial port and there have been no issues with this. With the new virtual serial port abstraction in ESH I would expect any such issues to be covered outside of the binding.

(Kris K) #84

OK. I’m confused as to what to look at to help resolve the issue. I’m not familiar with ‘virtual serial serial port in ESH’

(Chris Jackson) #85

There is a new “serial” driver being implemented that can be used anywhere serial ports are required to provide a virtual port in a similar way to described here. This is a much better approach (IMHO).

(Aitor Iturrioz) #86

Hi @chris!

But the binding needs to implement the new serial driver, right? Does the Z-Wave binding support it?

Thanks for your endless support!

(Kris K) #87

Makes sense, if your binding was updated to implement it, do you feel this would resolve the issue?

(Chris Jackson) #88

As far as I’m aware, there is no update required to the binding. This is the whole point - the changes are made to provide a virtual serial port so that it works with all bindings rather than having to modify bindings to provide IP abstraction as was proposed for ZWave.

(Danny Yates) #89

It would resolve it, yes. Or at least, it would centralise the failure modes across multiple bindings to a single place.

I was talking to Chris over the summer about starting work on this (implementing the ESH serial driver in the ZWave binding), but I haven’t got started on it yet.

(Chris Jackson) #90

Ah - you mean to change the interfaces to use the ESH definition - yes, this is needed.

(Kris K) #91

Look forward to it happening :smiley:

(Aitor Iturrioz) #92

Yeah, that was the question, sorry for being a little bit ambiguous :wink:

(Berry Smith) #93

It’s been accepted and will be in the next release, so hopefully, that fixes the issue. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s a breaking change, so the outputs will be a bit different.
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(Kris K) #94

Hi Chris

Do you know when changes are being made to the zwave binding to accept the IP:PORT combination for the Zwave Controller?


(Chris Jackson) #95

No - it’s not something that I’ve currently looked at and I’m not sure if others are doing so at the moment.

(J Wee) #96

Could you share exactly how you did this with OH in a docker?
The alternative would be to install Openhabian in the Ubuntu VM, where everything else there (eg MQTT portainer,watchtower ) are all dockers

(Kris K) #97

Hi Chris

Is this something you can look into it? Modifying the binding or whatever is required to be able to use a TCP port on the Zwave stick as a result of changing the interfaces to use the ESH definition?

(Chris Jackson) #98

It’s not something I’ve looked at as there are other more important features that need work at the moment. If someone wants to look at adding it, we could look at it after 2.4 is released.

(Kris K) #99

OK Chris.

I think it would be very helpful because right now you’re limited to having the Controller connected to the OH2 machine or using Socat/ser2net which is problematic when that host device restarts.

(Chris Jackson) #100

Of course, that’s understood, and if someone wants to add this to the binding, then it will be appreciated.