Shelly 1 Add On -> Reed

quick question about the shelly binding.
the External Addon (call Temperature Addon) can also be used to get the state of a reed contact.
see wiring scheme 3 here:

Is it possible with the binding to also read that reed contact?


Hi shorty707,
I have the same issue. I installed few days ago the add on and would like to get out the external switch state with a reed contact. I assume that you would like to know whether your gargae door ist open or not. This is what I would to figure out.
Hope someone has any ide to our topic.

I did it in the meanwhile.

You can add a Reed contact wihout the addon actually and then use the addon for Temp/humi additionally

How did you realize this?

set button mode to detached and get the input state via shelly binding

but the reed contact operates on the shelly volts then.
So you should connect shelly to low volts.
most garage door controllers provide 24v anyways

Thanks to all

@Oliver2 - how do I have to wire the reed contact? Do I understand correctly, that the add on in case of using a reed contact is not needed?

@shorty707 - what correctly does this means? I installed my Shelly not directly to the garage actuator. My Shelly works with 230 V. The I and O connectors are wired with the open mechanism from the actuator.

Thanks for help.

please have a look to the specification of the reed contact what power supply is required (probably 12 or 24V). connect reed contact to ground and SW. but that requires to operate your shelly with the same Voltage.

If you operate on 230V you need the ADDON because this will take care that your reed contact does NOT use 230V. If you have a chance to connect the shelly to 24V you could do like in the wiring below and have a reed contact without the ADDON

do NOT use a reed contact on 230V ! Dangerous.

screenshot is from Homebridge-garage-door-shelly1 NPM |

Thanks; by using the add on is it possible to get the status for the external switch?

Thanks shorty. But ADDON does not read the input state from from the binding… I have chosen “detached mode” as button type. Am I doing something wrong?

Detached is only relevant If Not using the addon.

Wiring correct?

I use 24v myselr and therefore without addon.
So can Not test it with addon.

Yes; I also have the switch contact on garage operator at"I" and “O”.

In OH 3 I take

But if the reed contact is open or closed, the status does not change in OH3

Reed contact at I and O ?
Is wrong.

Switch Contact is not at “I” and “O”.
At this two ports I have the wire for the open contact of the garage door.
See my wiring below

With this wiring you can send an Impuls ,(Taster,) to move (Open,Close) and Stop the Garage Door.
Thats it.
Thats the Channel

If you did Not Connect a Reed contact to SW and - you can Not See the Door status.

Since you operate on 230v do Not try Connect a Reed contact. Its Not Safe.

You pretty much write in riddles what you want to achieve and Mix Up Switch (Taster) and Reed contact (Fenster Tür Kontakt)

and the same answer has also been given 3 days ago by myself. It does not seem that you are understanding what we are saying. As your operating voltage is 230V be really careful about your next step.

You are both correct.
Perhaps I expressed myself wrong.
Additional to my wiring I would like to see the garage door is open or not. This can be done with an reed contact. And my simple question is
How do I have to wire the reed contact by operating the Shelly with 230 V ? And how can I read out the status opened/closed with OH3.

you cannot do this. not possible. this is what we try to make you understand. you only have two options:

change power supply for your SHELLY to 24V or 12V first (check also your reed contact for required power supply) and then