Shelly Binding Bug in Time-report

got a couple of new Shellys…
for the “shelly motion 2” I see that the channel for “last activity” reports time according my local time zone settings, whereas “last movement” reports time in GMT time zone.

2023-04-14 07:06:55.166 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'shellymotion2_02_Letzte_Bewegung' changed from 2023-04-14T05:00:53.000+0000 to 2023-04-14T05:06:54.000+0000
2023-04-14 07:06:55.170 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'shellymotion2_02_Letzte_Aktualisierung' changed from 2023-04-14T07:05:53.000+0200 to 2023-04-14T07:06:55.000+0200

It appears that the “Shelly motion 2” device is reporting the “last activity” channel in the local time zone setting of your openHAB system, while the “last movement” channel is reported in GMT time zone. This is evident from the timestamps in the logs you provided, where “shellymotion2_02_Letzte_Bewegung” changed from 2023-04-14T05:00:53.000+0000 to 2023-04-14T05:06:54.000+0000, indicating GMT time zone, and “shellymotion2_02_Letzte_Aktualisierung” changed from 2023-04-14T07:05:53.000+0200 to 2023-04-14T07:06:55.000+0200, indicating local time zone with a GMT offset of +02:00.