Shelly binding does not work with OH4

Dear All,

I upgraded my OH3 build to OH4 the otherday and did not get the Shelly binding to work.
After few hours I gave up and decided to start from scratch and installed a brand new OH4.0.3 system on my Raspi incl. Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye).

First thing I did (without configuring anything else) was to install the shelly binding from the community marketplace. Unfortunately I experienced the same issue … when trying to create a thing I get this message:

There is neither a Scan functionionality nor I can add anything manually.

Anybody an idea? Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Thx, Arno

Did you upgrade anything else, like shelly firmware? Seems the new firmware (at least for some devices) does for now not work with authentication with OH3 or OH4, only with empty user/password.

Thanks for your quick reply, Thomas. Well …

  1. I upgrade the firmware of at least one of my shelly devices
  2. I don’t think it is a device but more a binding issue since:
  • there is not even a button to Scan
  • “Add Manually” does to do anything when hitting it
  • it says below “No thing types can be added with this binding”

Thanks again, Arno

I do everything manually with files, so I can’t comment on issues with scanning on the paperUI, except I notice they do show up in the inbox. But that said, the binding works for me on 4.0.2, and thing config files look like:

Thing shelly:shelly1l:1 "Shelly 1L 1" @ "Closet" [deviceIp="", userId="", password=""]

Thx, Thomas. Just one more question: How did you install the the binding? … via UI or manually via add ons folder?
Greetings Arno

…from OH3 I remember that along with the Shelly jar file a californium-core and element-connector jar-file was needed in the OpenHAB add ons folder.

Is there a similar need in OH4?

Thx, Arno


After some research about the Shelly binding in OH3, I concluded that I’d need to install californium in OH4 as well.
I opened the console and ran “feature:install openhab-transport-coap” … bundle:list | californium shows:


… and bingo … the binding functions.

Greetings, Arno

Hi, sorry for the late reply: I use openhabian 4.0.2 out of box, with binding installed via paperUI, but everything that can go into the /etc/openhab directory I do by hand.

Thanks Thomas for the conversation! It’s alway interesting to experience how other folks think and act. Enjoy the weekend, Arno

just try to install the version, which comes with the distro, just as standard binding

Maybe try

  • stop OH
  • openhab-cli clean-cache
  • start OH

Good morning Markus,

thanks for you reply - much appreciated. In the mean time was able to resolve the issue.
Problems was, that I had to install the californium stuff.

Once I did it using feature:install openahb-transport-coap it function well.

Thanks again for your response!

Greetings, Arno

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