Shelly binding reporting -NaN

I’m new to home automation, but have a decent background in coding and running linux servers and desktops.

So I installed openHAB 2.5.0 on a raspberryPi 3+, bought a couple of Shelly1 and Shelly dimmers for testing.

I have installed the Shelly binding, and have managed to get Things installed:

Thing shelly:shelly1:f41a51 “garage_light” @ “Garage” [deviceIp=“”, userId=“shelly_F41A51”, password=“shellypassword”]
Thing shelly:shellydimmer:db2ede “lara_light” @ “Lara’s Room” [deviceIp=“”, userId=“shellydimmer-DB2EDE”, password=“shellypassword”]`

I have created the following items:

Switch Garage_light “Garage light state” {channel=“shelly:shelly1:f41a51:relay#output”}
Dimmer Lara_light “Lara’s light dimmer” {channel=“shelly:shellydimmer:db2ede:relay#brightness”}
Number Lara_light_energy “Lara’s light energy consumption” {channel=“shelly:shellydimmer:db2ede:meter#totalKWH”}
Number Lara_light_power “Lara’s light power” {channel=“shelly:shellydimmer:db2ede:meter#currentWatts”}
Number Lara_light_signal “Lara’s light signal strength” {channel=“shelly:shellydimmer:db2ede:device#wifiSignal”}
Number Lara_light_uptime “Lara’s light uptime” {channel=“shelly:shellydimmer:db2ede:device#uptime”}

The dimmer works well, showing up as a slider in the control panel and accessible via the HABpanel.
However the Power Meter and Device Status just show up as “-NaN” in the control panel.

I have been googling and searching through the forum with no avail.

Any hint as to where I’m going wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Then you should know to check the logs when debugging problems.