Shelly Bulb Duo - cannot change color temperature, UI shows null


I have an issue with my shelly duo bulbs. When changing the color temperature via UI slider, nothing happens on the bulb, and I also don’t see anything happen in the events.log
Brightness works fine, it affects the bulb immediately, and it also shows in the events.log

that’s how the bulb item looks like:


from the overview:

any idea? thanks

so, after a bit of investigation: part of the problem seems to be that the white value is used for the colortemp, which is wrong:

So I found out whats happening. the binding converts it to percent, but when you create an Item from the thing, the default widget has min=2700 and max=6500 set.
if you override the default widgets to use 0 and 100 it works as it should. Still I don’t think its nice to use percentage for color temperature…

I guess its this from, line 185:

case "colortemperature": // Shelly Duo
                                profile.inColor ? CHANNEL_GROUP_COLOR_CONTROL : CHANNEL_GROUP_WHITE_CONTROL,
                            ShellyColorUtils.toPercent((int) s.value, profile.minTemp, profile.maxTemp));