Shelly Bulb RG - Chanching Color by rule

my newest part at OH3 are shelly Bulb Duo RGB.
Thing and items are no problems - everything works fine:

// Shelly Color Bulb 1
Switch				ShellyCB1On			"Color Bulb Wohnen"			   			<light>	 		(gshellyBulb, aTPLinkon)			{channel="shelly:shellycolorbulb:e8db84d29322:control#power"}
// Number				ShellyCB1Watt		"Verbrauch Bulb 1 [%.0f W]"				<energy>		(gshellyBulb)					{channel="shelly:shellycolorbulb:e8db84d29322:meter#currentWatts"}
// Number				ShellyCB1WattA		"Verbrauch Bulb 1 gesamt [%.2f kWh]"	<energy>		(gshellyBulb)					{channel="shelly:shellycolorbulb:e8db84d29322:meter#totalKWH"}
Number				ShellyCB1Wifi		"Signalstärke Bulb 1"					<wifi>			(gshellyBulb)					{channel="shelly:shellycolorbulb:e8db84d29322:device#wifiSignal"}
Switch				ShellyCB1Update		"Fimwareupdate vorh."					<update>		(gshellyBulb)					{channel="shelly:shellycolorbulb:e8db84d29322:device#updateAvailable"}
Dimmer				ShellyCBBrightness	"Helligkeit"							<slider>		(gshellyBulb)					{channel="shelly:shellycolorbulb:e8db84d29322:white#brightness"}
Dimmer				ShellyCBtemperature	"Licht-Temperatur"						<slider>		(gshellyBulb)					{channel="shelly:shellycolorbulb:e8db84d29322:white#temperature"}
Color				ShellyCBColor		"Farbe"									<rgb>			(gshellyBulb)					{channel="shelly:shellycolorbulb:e8db84d29322:color#hsb"}
String				ShellyCBFColor		"Voll-Farbe"							<rgb>			(gshellyBulb)					{channel="shelly:shellycolorbulb:e8db84d29322:color#full"}
Number				ShellyCBeffect		"Lichteffekt"							<zoom>			(gshellyBulb)					{channel="shelly:shellycolorbulb:e8db84d29322:color#effect"}

Now I want to chanche the color to red, if my item Netatmo Co2 get higher 1000 ppm., by using rule.
But it didn´t work:

ShellyCBFColor.sendCommand (red)

Any ideas?

Greetings, Ansgar

Based on the table here a Color Item can accept the following commands.

OnOff, IncreaseDecrease, Percent, HSB

None of these types implies that that red is a command that is understood by Color Items.

Looking further down the page one finds that HSB is

HSB string values consist of three comma-separated values for hue (0-360°), saturation (0-100%), and brightness (0-100%) respectively, e.g. 240,100,100 for “maximum” blue.

Getting closer. That at least talks about color.

We want to send a command to an Item from a Rule. Looking at the Rules page we find a section that talks about working with Color Items which has some examples for converting an RGB color definition to HSB. Of course, you could also use a website like to pick a color and get the HSB values that represent that color also.

In general, you will have a hard time with working in openHAB if you just try to guess how to do stuff like this without consulting the docs.