Shelly Button: No event trigger after OH restart

Hi all,

since OH 3.1 I have a problem with my Shelly Buttons: After every restart of Openhab, the first two short presses of a Shelly Button are not recognized as SHORT_PRESSED triggers in OH - but I get a BUTTON trigger for those two presses. If the first two presses are too fast, even more than two are required to get the button working again. The third short press and all following are correctly recognized as SHORT_PRESSED triggers. Unfortunately I can’t just additionally react to the BUTTON trigger, as this results in double executions of my rules.

All other kind of actions (e.g. LONG_PRESSED) are correctly recognized even directly after restart.

So at the moment, after each restart of Openhab, I have to walk around my house and press all Shelly Buttons two times so that they work again as expected.

Does anyone know this problem? This hasn’t been the case with Openhab 3.0 …

I am using Openhab 3.1.0 from Docker container.

Thanks in advance!

Issue has been fixed with DEV Build v3.4.3.202304072127 of Shelly binding. The fix will probably be included in OH 4.0