Shelly devices - How to start? Need MQTT?


I have a working Openhab 2.5 with some Z-wave things linked.
I would like to explore alternative ways of communication between server and devices.
I thought of going the MQTT-way and already bought myself a SONOFF-device. I haven’t tasmota-flashed it yet(missing the time).
But now I see that there is this Shelly-binding in 2.5.
The Shelly devices have gained my attention.
These are the questions I have about them and the binding:

These Shelly-devices are MQTT-enabled out of the box? Inother words no need to flash the firmware?
The Shelly-binding is all I need to get them intergrated into my OPENHAB system?
Or do I need to setup an MQTT-broker and/or MQTT-binding next to the Shelly-binding?

About the two last questions it would be interesting to point me to a doc/topic that explains how to set up Shelly.



thx @rossko57,

I did read that doc.
Since you pointed me there (with “really?” added) and since the doc doesn’t mention anything about MQTT I gues I must have misunderstood a few things before.

so the answer to the two last questions are


Just to be very specific and clear:

yes, the binding is all you need now; the binding is relatively new, previously the integration was done through MQTT, but that is no longer necessary.

No, you do NOT need an MQTT broker if you are using the shelly-binding; at least not for the shelly devices.

Yes that is correct, shelly devices come right out of the box (ie., with original firmware) with MQTT support; if you need it, you will need to activate it and will loose subsequently cloud capability, but it is supported by the original firmware.

Hope that helps

The shelly binding uses HTTP to communicate with your devices

thx to all!

All clear now!
What are the disadvantages of comunication over http versus through mqtt?


Did you try to search online for this answer?

Aside from the fact that for MQTT you will need a broker and some other technicalities that you can google, using MQTT to interact with shellies requires to parse (deconstruct) and compile a specific data format (json) that is expected as MQTT payload. If you are really interested you can read more details on how to implement that in the forum, e.g., here: Shelly Bulb via MQTT 2.4. But note that this links to an older post and some of the configs of things may have changed. The Shelly binding that exists since 2.5 (thank you @markus7017), will make your life much easier.

First of all: Happy New Year :balloon:

For me it’s simple: Using the mqtt integration provides you full control on the details, but you have to fiddle around until everything works.

The binding hides all the specifics “behind the scenes”. Just install, auto-discover and link channels = ready-to-go within 5 minutes.

Both work in parallel, so it’s your choice :slight_smile:. Join the thread mentioned above if you have more questions.

Thx again to all!!

will by a shelly !