Shelly door window 2

Hey everyone.

I have some Troubles with my Shelly Door Window 2 related to the Battery display …

Openhab Version: openHAB 2.5.12 Release Build

The Issue is, only one Shelly display the Battery Status on the Sitemap.

Thing shelly:shellydw2:XXXXX4 "Tür 1"  [deviceIp=""]
Thing shelly:shellydw2:XXXXX5 "Tür 2"  [deviceIp=""]
Thing shelly:shellydw2:XXXXX6 "Tür 3"  [deviceIp=""]

 Contact Door1_Kontakt               "Tür Eingang [MAP(]"                                      {channel="shelly:shellydw2:XXXXX4:sensors#state"}
    Number Door1_B                      "Tür Eingang Batterie"                                              {channel="shelly:shellydw2:XXXXX4:battery#batteryLevel"}
    Contact Door2_Kontakt               "Fenster Werkstatt [MAP(]"                                {channel="shelly:shellydw2:XXXXX5:sensors#state"}
    Number Door2_B                      "Fenster Werkstatt"                                                 {channel="shelly:shellydw2:XXXXX5:battery#batteryLevel"}
    Contact Door3_Kontakt               "Tür 3 [MAP(]"                                            {channel="shelly:shellydw2:XXXXX6:sensors#state"}
    Number Door3_B                      "Tür 3"                                                             {channel="shelly:shellydw2:XXXXX6:battery#batteryLevel"}

Default item=Door1_Kontakt
				Default item=Door1_B icon="batterylevel"
				Default item=Door2_Kontakt
				Default item=Door2_B icon="batterylevel"
				Default item=Door3_Kontakt
				Default item=Door3_B icon="batterylevel"

Only the Door3_B show a Battery level …

Thanks for your Help :slight_smile:

This is the Displayed Status …