Shelly EM: how to interpret data?

I have a new Shelly EM with latest firmware.
Now I’m playing a bit with it and I’m wondering about the data, especially that the reactive power is so high.

E.g. one room where we’re ironing. Once I learned, that the iron is a ohmic consumer, power factor ~1.
The measurements gave me: 1097 W power, 1666 VAr reactive power.
Without the iron the measurements of the room are: power: 4 W; reactive power: 8 VAr.

Looking at the washing machine:
This is the only device at that circuit.
Standby: -6 W; +4 VAr
heating: +870 W; -1754 VAr
Here is also the sign switching.

Number	num_EM_Waschmaschine_Leistung		"Leistungsaufnahme Waschmaschine"		(gLogChange)	{ channel="shelly:shellyem:ShellyEM1:meter1#currentWatts" }
Number	num_EM_Waschmaschine_Blindleistung	"Blindleistung Waschmaschine"			(gLogChange)	{ channel="shelly:shellyem:ShellyEM1:meter1#reactiveWatts" }

How should I interpret these values?
Any hint how to process these values to get something useful?

Thanks for your help with that topic.

Try using units of measurement on the item.

Thanks for the hint.
I changed Number to Number:Power as indicated in the config of the thing in PaperUI.
But it had no effect.