Shelly H&T - humidity type/display issue after OH 4.0.1 upgrade


Since I upgraded my OH from 3.4.0 to 4.0.1, the humidity value of the Shelly H&T shows a weirdly formatted value, instead of “70 %” it shows “0.7 one”

Any suggestions what could be causing this? Definition of the Item and Channel has not changed and looks OK to me. I already tried to create a new Point linked to the Channel, but it also shows the same value.

Please check that in the item the parameter unit is set to % as well as the state Description pattern is set to %.1f %% (or something like that).

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With OH 4 there is a new units of measurement spec. I have the same shelly H&T’s and the fix was to add a ‘unit’ metadata to your humidity item with value set to just plain %


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In my case setting the unit was not enough, I also had to set the state description pattern that @Udo_Hartmann mentioned. With that at least in the Item page the value is shown correctly, however I still do not get the unit displayed in my widgets.

Item view:

Widget, where the value is still shown as raw number:

Screenshot - 14_08_2023 , 08_21_08

Any suggestions how I could get it to display the percentage value in the widget?

I have a sensor from my weather station gateway, it seemingly uses the same data types, but for that one it is enough to set the unit for it to display correctly in the item view and in the widget:

Screenshot - 14_08_2023 , 08_20_50

Now it also displays correctly in the widgets, for some reason it took some time for the display to sort itself out.

I had to clear the cache to get the % to appear reliably as well.

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