openHAB 3.2-M4 on RaspBerry (latest versions of all SW)
Shelly H&T Sensor (with Power Supply - not battery) - also latest firmware installed

The device is not discovered when I do a scan, even if done repeatedly - of course I always wake up the device. When added manually, the device stays in status CONFIG PENDING forever.

What to do, to get this item fully defined and working in openHAB

I am also using homebridge and the shelly-add-on. The device got recognized, configured and exposed to HomeKit instantly and correctly without any problem.

Thanks to all in advance for responding

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well… what is written below was my own fault. sorry


I have the same issue. Maybe something changed in protocol / firmware update (which I did some minutes ago).

Anyone having an idea? Would appreciate a response. Thanks

Did you configure the right IP-Address and perhaps Username and Password in the lines below?

Yes, I did. When I wake up the device I can access it with its web interface. As said, I am also using homebridge and the shelly-plug-in there detected and configured the device correctly and instantly.

in openHAB I deleted the thing and created it a couple of times manually. Even when awake, openHAB does not detect the device. So I am stuck.

After one week, the device suddenly got recognized and configured.

I have the same issue. Sholud I disable the cloud on the shelly ht?

No need to. It will work after a while.

However I have disabled the cloud after a few weeks.

Right now, I can’t even discover the thing. I have to add it manually, but only the alarm and signal strength shown as channels, temperature is missing WTF?. I’m getting really frustrated with openhab right now…

Please mind your wording, we do not tolerate such an attitude.