Shelly manager add on - where is it?

Using Rpi4 with OH3 where there are a few Shelly’s installed (thus the binding) and working.
According to
The Shelly Manager is a small extension to the binding, which provides some low level information on the Shelly Devices, but also provides some functions to manage the devices.

but whatever (IP or mDNS) I try with http://:8080/shelly/manager it throws an 404 error.

What am I missing here?

Did you install the shelly manger binding or the shelly binding?

There is no Shelly manager binding.
The manager is not available in 3.0.x release, only since 3.1 M3(M4) or the dev version linked in Shelly Binding thread…

Another case of live “current release” docs being actually development version docs. This keeps biting people.

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That makes sense why it didn’t work . Thanks!

Long overdue, but this has now been changed, at last: Important changes to the documentation versioning


And indeed it came available with version 3.1. Thanks!