Shelly MotionSensor

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: PI 3
    • OS: Openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: openjdk 11.0.10 2021-01-19 LTS
    • openHAB version:3.1.0 (Build)
  • Shelly Binding: 3.1.0
  • Motion Sensor Firmware:
Current version: 20210919-083708/v2.0.0@aeef8816
You have latest version of your device!

Hi, i have shelly binding installed and a couple of shelly stuff included in openhab.

When i add a motion sensor to shelly, the motion sensor works good in the shelly app.
Now i configure the motion sensor into openhab like the other stuff

Thing shelly:shellyplugs:buro "Shelly Zolder Buro" @ "Zolder" [deviceIp=""]
Thing shelly:shelly25-relay:tvgametv "Shelly 25 TV GAMETV" @ "Zolder" [deviceIp=""]
Thing shelly:shellyplugs:outdoor "Shelly Buiten" @ "Berging" [deviceIp=""]
Thing shelly:shellymotion:keukensensor "Shelly Keuken Sensor" @ "Keuken" [deviceIp=""]

The motion sensor don’t work, the error is:

I don’t have a username and password configured for this motion sensor, also not for the other devices.

I don’t know how to login (i test with credentials and without credentials) but the error stays…

What can i do?

i solved the issue, with api information on url/settings i found the correct information.

Update the binding settings and everything its finally ok :slight_smile: