Shelly Plus H&T Charts

Hi Guys,

i just purchased the new Shelly Plus H&T and after a bit of fiddling it is working quite well for me with the most recent openhab version and binding version.

i just have one issue: despite me adding rrdj persistence to the temperature and humidity items i don’t get any graphs or old values collected. the values get refreshed every now and then, but those new values don’t seem to create a graph line. is there something else i need to set?

(i have a group called persistence_charts which i use to assign rrdj persistence to selected items, this works with most other things but not with the shelly)

thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Can you share some more information about your things/item setup? Share image if this is the easiest

See attached image:

anything else you need to know?
i added the point “letzte aktualisierung” (last update) to check and see if i even get any updates, and it seems like it’s sending updates every time the value has changed enough. but somehow it seems like that these values are only displayed but not saved in persistence. i do have a short graph from today’s morning but it stops after like 3 updates and then nothing for the rest of the day.

i also checked the persistence settings, it’s set to persist “everyUpdate”, so not only when a value changes. could it be possible that it only saves values that are PULLED by the binding whenever its polling the device and its online by coincidence? but when the device itself sends an update it doesn’t save these values?

Can you also show the item configuration?

these are the two items, temperature and humidity. as you can see they have the parent group “persistence_charts” which should enable rrd4j persistence.

Try to change persistence_charts to every minute instead of every update. Have you tried restart of openhab?

BRILLIANT! Now it’s working, interestingly it seems like values are changing between the times it has logged it before. But anyway it works, thank you very much!

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