Shelly Pro 2

I have an Shelly Pro 2 on Openhab 3.3.0 I can not connet the Shelly.
Has anyone already implemented this? Shelly Pro 2PM - Shelly Cloud
On the website there is possible but I can’t connect them.

You can use the current DEV or GEN2 build. There is Pro support. I think the merge to the openHAB core is on the way. Please check this post: Shelly Binding - #2727 by markus7017


3.4.0-DEV Gen1/Plus/Pro | README | READMEbeta for more info on first installation
Avdanced Users - Shelly Manager - Bugs/Features - API Doc | Firmware Index - Firmware Archive

Note: The DEV build is always newer than the version in the official Distro or Milestone builds

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