Shelly rollerpos , help please

I have shelly shutters and need help making an item button
That as soon as I press it then the shutter will open / close at the% I set for it
I created a shellycloud.item file
Inside it I wrote

switch item = shelly_shelly25_roller_68******_roller_rollerpos label = “Roller shutter: [75%]”

But does not work …
Can anyone guide me?

Are you using a sitemap? (e.g. BasicUI) This is something you would do in your sitemap using a Switch widget, not in your Item.

no i not use sitemap
i use happanel

Then you’ll know better than me (non HABpanel user) how to make a button that sends command 75 to your Item.

That’s the thing, I do not know how to do it
I believe there is someone here who does know

Is this Item something that existed before you made an xxx.items file? It looks like, from the name.
If so, delete your Item file entry, you do not want it defined in two places, especially when one is in error.

For HABpanel, don’t you just use a button widget?

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