Shelly switch behind a z-wave switch

Dear openHAB’ers,

I am in the process of upgrading my openHAB to version 3.0.
OH 2.4 is still running ok so far , but I want to use the Shelly Binding of 3.0.

I face the situation, that some switches are hardwarewise installed behind another switch.

E.g. there is a z-wave switch which powers the whole carport (power outlet and lighting).
As I wanted to make the lighting switchable I added a shelly switch to the lighting.

Of course the shelly can only work, if the z-wave switch is powered on.
So I wonder if I can secure this by a script.

The rule/script should act as follows:
If openhab sends an “ON” command to the shelly device,
send an “ON” command to the zwave device,
wait for 0.5 seconds,
send an “ON” command to the shelly device.

As I did not succeed to establish this (probably quite simple script) with blocky yet.

Is there anyone, who could give me a hint?

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