Shelly TRV - Thing and Channels; how to enclose into OH

I have the new TRV from shelly and tried to enclose it into OH. Thing will be shown, but with an error message. After adding the device IP, the TRV is shown, but there are nor channels to be linked.
Is it needed to add the TRV into the binding by the developers of the binding? Do i need to do add aditional code?

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The support for the TRV is not yet included in the Shelly Binding version that is distributed with the official OH.
You need to install the DEV build. This includes the TRV support.
See Shelly Binding Thread:

Thanks igi. Where can I find the DEV build and how to install.

Please see the post I mentioned. Below the post is the link to the DEV version and the installation instructions under:

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Please join us here: Shelly Binding - #2360 by markus7017