Shelly Uni Binding 3.1 M4 Error Voltage Display


I just installed one Shelly Uni to measure Battery Voltage.

Shelly Uni ist recognized by the binding as item.

The measured voltage value is correctly shown in in Web interface of the Shelly Uni, but not by the item in OH3

The value is reported by the Shelly to OH3, if I select “analyze” I can see the the graph with the values over time.

Is it an error of the binding or did I make a mistake configuring the item ?

Thx for any help!

Nobody really knows until you show aus the Thing and Item definition…

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Hi solved it.

Looking at the binding it shows two entries for the Shelly Uni. I choose the otters and now it works.

Happy that it works I don’t want to try reproduce it unless somebody asks me to do.


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