Shelly Uni with DHT22 fires Communication Error (API Timeout) in Version 3.4.1, Version 3.3 ist OK

After upgrading from OH 3.3 to OH 3.4.1 my Shelly Uni with DHT22 (Temperature- und Humidity-Sensor) cannot be initialized anymore. Status is Offline, Text in UI: " COMMUNICATION_ERROR Unerwarteter Fehler - API Timeout for". The is no further information in the logs, because the device is not online. This problem ist only in V3.4.1, V3.3 is running pretty well (after downgrading to 3.3 everything is ok too). An other shelly Uni equipped with a DS18B20 (Temperature-Sensor) is running without problems in V3.4.1. So I think only this function is buggy in 3.4.1. Any help is appeciated.

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Same problem, no ideas

already noted here… :frowning:

I would also like to measure temperature and humidity and now use a few other shelly devices in openhab.

Throughout my home I have a nikobus home automation system with a 9V bus. Can I use this 9V bus to power the shelly uni with the dht22 sensor?