Shelly v1: Possible to use the GPIO to send MQTT to oH?

I just flash (successfully) a Shelly with Tasmota, simply question because I still looking for “small” (and cheap) solution to have two switches (contacts) to send MQTT to my oH server …

Is it possible to use the GPIO the Shelly have to connect them with push button and send (if contact is closed) a MQTT command? (I need two seperated contacts/GPIO’s) (Shelly seems to have 3 GPIO’s)

The default Shelly firmware supports MQTT…why did you flash?

Out of habit :wink:

Andy disadantages now?
And shure, MQTT is also possible with Tasmota, but I ask to use 2 different GPIO’s from the Shelby to send 2 different MQTT commands (so I what switch was pushed). Is this possible, maybe only with the orig Firmware?

Did you check the tasmota wiki?
Or the tasmota forum?

You mean the “Templates”, available in newest Tasmota Version?

Actual I try to flash, was successfull, but I can’t reach the Web GUI from Tasmota anymore, password not accepted :-(. Seems I have a typing error while setting the web password :frowning: Can’t logion anymore …

How can I reset the Shelly? Find some hints like 40s ground to GPIO0 (done while USB connected: without succes).
New Flashing seems fine with “Atom” ("… uploading completed" / success), but still the old IP address (and web-password) etc. is used, so I think I have to reset the Shelly before I can flash …
But how?

Update: I use this tool “nodemcu-flasher-master” which should clean the flash from the Shelly (or?).
After this, the Shelly is not reachable under the previous IP (.31), so something was “cleaned”, removed.
Than I flash the Shelly again, now with IP .32 (in my_user_config.h changed from .31 to .32 and save, build).
But the Shelly is still reachable after the old IP .31 as before ! And still the Web-password is requested, why??