Shelly Wave 1 - z-wave device not recognized


I am running OH 4.0.3 and have tried to include shelly wave1 devices to my setup with little success. I got them added, but they are not recognized in openhab.

After some research I found the device in the opensmarthouse database.

For me it looks like the device has just been added to openhab database/support with the comment “2023-09-15 05:41:45 OH-SNAPSHOT”

What does this mean?
OH-SNAPSHOT, is this the next version as in 4.1.0?

I have the same problem with Shelly WAVE 2PM. Things type shows me “Uknown Device”. I found it on the database with 2023-09-06 OH snapshot. I have to wait that it will be included in the official distribution of OH?
Thank you for your support.

yes I think you have to wait.
Let me know once it works. I’m also interested in this new Shelly Z-Wave devices :slight_smile:

From the Z-Wave Database Guide:
Once the device is reviewed and approved, files are exported in various formats for different products. For openHAB, the XML files are automatically produced and made available for a Pull Request into the binding repository in Github.

I installed openhab 4.1-M4 on a separate device to check if this version had the support for Shelly wave 1, and it does work with 4.1.
According to this post openHAB 4.1 Milestone Builds - #4 by Kai, the release of 4.1 will be on 22. December.

I’m also watching this topic with interest: I have a Shelly Qubino Wave1 relay coming in to replace a “misbehaving” Shelly 1 relay, and it seems I’ll need to update my OH installation before I can include it in the mesh.

Who will be trying it first, and reporting their experience? :slight_smile:

Shelly Wave 1 works as expected with 4.1.0.