Shelly Widget and Graph on HABPanel

Hey There

Did anyone have someone Widget for Shelly’s like Shelly 1PM or the Dimmer.
I don’t like to use 2 or 3 Widgets to get the all Informationen set.
And as a second Topic, I would like to show a graph of energy consumption over a month. Is it possible to save the individual measurements (i.e. Shelly 1PM or Shelly HT) with a rule and then display them in a graph?

Best regards

First one, I am not aware of such a widget.
Second, please read the documentation for persistence and/or check the community for examples on persistence.

Thx, but its not that clear to me. …
I try my best and ask for help after that?!
Just tought it would be great to get some good advice before i start somethig…in a completly wrong direction :wink:

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