Shelly1 sensors#temperature1 -NaN


After reading the thread “Shelly Binding” for hours (!) I have two concerns:

  • A HUGE THANK YOU to Markus7017 for your unbelievable amount of work and patience that you put into this binding!

  • I got several shellys working excellently with OH 2.5.3-1 on a Raspi 3. The only thing I seem not to get working is the sensor add-on connected to a shelly1. Two 18B20 sensors are readable by the internal web server, but all attempts to show them in Paper UI, or through config files .things/.items/.sitemap shows no values. The ‘device#’ channels show up, just the ‘sensors#’ channels are missing.
    The Shelly Binding is v 2.5.2 - could this be the issue?


Would anybody mind sharing config files for a shelly1 or shelly1pm with temperature sensor addon?