Shellys switching without command

Hello Community!

  • Openhab 3 latest stable
  • Ubuntu Server 22.04

I have a big Problem with my shellys.
I don’t find any log, error or something.
Every night and not on a fixed time (there is no rule or script or something else running) all shellys
are switching to “ON”.
My Garage door is open, my heat pump starts,…it is really horrible…

I can’t find any issue. Has someone an idea?

The event.log does not show anything? Then this might not even be related to OH. Do you use the Shelly cloud? I have one Shelly Dimmer 2 that switches itself on or off sometimes when the wifi gets disabled. I could never figure out why but the Shelly support couldn’t help me either… however I only have one device that behaves like that and it is clearly related to a change in wifi availability. I never experienced this in other situations.

Just a few other ideas:

  1. Can your openHAB instance be reached from the Internet? If so, is there a proper authentication mechanism in place? Could there be someone having fun with your devices at night?

  2. What do you use as default behaviour after a power loss for your shellies? ON? May a power outage be the source of your problems?

  • no warn or error log nothing
  • no cloud
  • My openhab instance can only be reached over vpn with key…
  • All shellys are on status OFF on restart or power loss

The thing is that all shelly1 at the same time switching to ON…that is very crazy.

Do you mean you have removed shellys from shelly app after initial setup ?

No, I only have not activate the cloud for the shellys - I don’t need a cloud.

Let’s face the facts, if it’s not OH that is changing the shellys to ON then must be one of these:

  1. The shelly app: to rule out this pls remove devices from the shelly app
  2. Web access: to rule out this pls protect web access with strong password

All my shellys are flashed with tasmota, this assures higher levels of security than the shelly operating system (also provides some consistency because I have a mix of shelly and sonoff).

Check this: Something is sending ON command to Shelly switch