Shinobi - CCTV video software

Hey Moe. Thank you for your feedback. Looks like the execution permission is missing on I’ll fix this and let you know. You will find this issue on .

Hey Moe. I’ve just updated both images, alpine and debian, on Docker Hub. Building the images succeeds locally and on Docker Hub. I’m running my debian image, which I pulled from Docker Hub, without any errors while starting up. Can you give it a try, please? Regards.

thank you for taking a look so quickly :smiley: i just checked it out and the web panel is now visible! :smiley: but it looks like SQL didn’t connect :frowning: i wonder if im just doing this wrong :confused:

I tried running service mysql start but it doesn’t recognize it as a command

the command i use to start the docker image is docker run -d -p 8081:8080 migoller/shinobi

hey so ive been spending some time with your sweet docker image and it was exactly what i was planning to try next. Pulling straight from git like a boss!!

Does that mean i can delete all the docker stuff from the shinobi repo?

I’ve also made a fork of your image and gonna make it so it uses SQLite3.

Thank you very much!!! you don’t know how much it means to me! Believe shinobi will be so much better because of you! :smiley:

Here also marks the day Shinobi will support Docker.

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Right now, both images do not include any MySQL or MariaDB packages. Why? Well, I tried to strip down the image sizes to the minimum. Please have a look at to get the sources and setup-script for the database. The script is inspired by Moe and designed to run on the MariaDB server, but stripped down for the database setup: .

But I recognized as well, that I’ll have to install at least the MySQL client tools package to the image to be able, to automatically setup a new database for Shinobi if it’s not existing. I’m working on that. Probably there will be a docker compose file to run a composition of different images or containers for the Shinobi ecosystem.

Nice! Adding SQLite as a basic DB would make it more easier to run Shinobi for testing purposes, etc. without the need of setting up MySQL or MariaDB servers.

Hi all.
Moe has added support for Docker to Shinobi. You’ll find the corresponding git repo at and the image on Docker Hub at .
And if you’re still interested in a quick MySQL setup for testing Shinobi you’ll find my barely blueprint at .



will it be a bad idea to install it on the openhab server?


That’s what I used to do. You’ll need either Shinobi or openHAB to use a different port for HTTP or they’ll have a conflict over port 8080.

I’m not sure if an RPi is powerful enough for this… I used an old desktop PC running Ubuntu.

I’m actually migrating my installation to Docker, and don’t remember how I got everything set up. But it did work.

THanks for the answer

what are you migrating to docker? openhab or shinobi?

when you mean migrating , do you mean reinstall from scratch?

Well, I’m moving everything to Docker: Shinobi, openHAB, and all the supporting stuff liked nodeRED and Mosquitto. In my case, I am starting over completely because I also bought a new house!

To keep this thread on topic, I actually opened a thread about my new house over here:

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Thanks and only smiles and joy in the new house (coordinated by openhab:))

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Hi, due to some issues with sd card on RPI I switched from RPI to an old PC, where I installed Debian Stretch and have openhab running. My question is: did someone try to install Shinobi on Debian (amd64)? I read about Ubuntu, Docker, but even the author said that with Debian it is pain…

And do you know if Shinobi has also a command line interface or GUI only?

I am not much experienced with linux yet but getting better since I installed openhabian for the first time about a 9 months ago :slight_smile: so thanks for any advice or experience.

I just installed Shinobi on Odroid XU4. Here’s my recipe. I may have goofed by not setting up php first, but not sure yet.

  1. Download latest Ubuntu 18.04 Mate image from Odroid: ubuntu-18.04-4.14-mate-odroid-xu4-20180501.img.xz from

  2. Burned on 16GB Class 10 Samsung card using Etcher

  3. Start Odroid, let it shutdown, power cord plug-unplug, let it restart

  4. ssh root@<ip>

  5. apt update

  6. restart

  7. then…

apt update
apt upgrade
sudo apt dist-upgrade
apt install mariadb-server mariadb-client php-mysql
apt install nodejs
apt install npm

bash <(curl -s
  • Accept all defaults except choose Dev branch
  • Do not install Node.js, FFMPEG, or MariaDB
  • Do (yes) choose Shinobi - Database Installation
  • sql user: <user> <password>
  • New user for viewing: no
  1. Log in at: http://<ip>:8080/super
  2. cd /home/Shinobi
  3. cp super.sample.json super.json

Have fun. Feel free to ask questions.

Hey Dome.

That’s the way I did it two years ago: Shinobi, openHAB, Node-RED, Mosquitto MQTT broker, http to mqtt bridge, etc. are running as Docker containers like a charm. If you’re interested in just have a look at my repositories on Docker Hub.

Public services for IoT services like Meraki CMX, IFTTT webhooks, etc. are secured with nginx reverse proxy and TLS/SSL encryption based on Letsencrypt.

Keep it running… :wink:

I am, could you edit your post to include the link, please?

Oh, sorry about that.

You’ll find my Docker images on Docker Hub at . Feel free to run them.

The source repositories for the images can be found on GitHub at . But I’ll move the repos to GitLab at for better build customization due to GitLab’s CI/CD capabilities. The project regarding my openHAB docker images will be the next one to move to GitLab.

I’ll also put Wiki-pages on GitLab on how I run default Docker images for Grafana, InfluxDB, snippets for things, items and rules, etc. onto the project page .

I would be happy if you would have a look at the images.


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@Skunkworx In case I never said it, thanks a ton for the Docker Shinobi image! It’s been working great for me.

I’ve been really focused on home renovations since June and am just now getting back to really building up my system. I have an old Dell desktop running Ubuntu 16.04 and Docker images for Shinobi and openHAB.

I’m trying to get motion events imported like I detailed here:

However, it’s not working- most likely because the Shinobi container can’t issue the Curl command. I know the command is right because it works when I issue it via the command line.

Has anyone else gotten this working?

Bit of an old topic, but I’m trying to get Shinobi running using docker. But it only seems to be the pro version?
Is there any way to switch the config to CE?

I decided to stop running Shinobi in docker. The developer recommends installation directly onto Ubuntu, so I decided to do that and use Docker for everything else. Sorry I can’t be more help. You might try the Shinobi forums.