Should BasicUI be auto-updating?

Hi guys,

BasicUI updates status of lights after 2-3 seconds to OFF while they remain ON, a reload of the webpage shows correct status. (No other user interaction aside from reload)
it does not happen the other way (status stay off when lights are off)

Here my scenario: OH2 running on raspberry 2 latest nightly, jessie all updated
I have hue lights and a raspberry running pilight. I put up some rules that switch on the hue light whenever the pilights go on (either through the UI or through the RF remote).
Works all beautifully (thank you my dear developers), but when swtichin on the lights (through BasicUI or remote) the BasicUI first changes status of the Hue lights to on and then after 2-3 secodns to off again (no user interaction). However, the correct status (On) is shown and stays that way after I manually refresh the webpage.
Here the rules that I employ (very simple):

rule "Synchronize Hue lights On"
	Item LivingroomLamps received update 
	if (LivingroomLamps.state==ON) {  
	else { if (LivingroomLamps.state==OFF) {

LivingroomLamps are my pilight item, the other three Lights are the Hue Lamps.

Am I missing something?
Thanks to all of you.

I know I’m late, but do you still have this problem?

Thanks @Vlad and yes still the same issue, paperui does update some but certainly not alll items; a refresh takes always care and all statuses are shown correctly. Thanks

Please open an issue in eclipse/smarthome, I’ll check it this weekend.


I’ve never been able to get BasicUI to auto refresh items. A page refresh is the only way to get charts to update also.

I remember seeing @Kai mention something about how this is just the way it is, but don’t recall if there was any potential for it being fixed/looked at.

I don’t have a lot of items that require my manual intervention so haven’t worried too much about it… yet.

I can’t remember having said so :wink:
You might want to wait with your further testing and bug reporting until I have finished work on, which will change a lot on how the Basic UI handles refreshes - and it should fully work with that.

Thanks for that. I had seen that issue a wee while back and was hoping it would make it into a release soon.

Fingers crossed it has some follow on (positive) effects.

@Vlad Thanks so much again, appreciate your follow-up and guidance;
given @Kai’s response, I will wait for the next eclipse/smarthome release before reporting a bug.

MacOS Sierra, Firefox, OpenHab 2.2.0

Just wanted to plus one this issue. I am having the same issue as the original post above. Only by hitting refresh in browser does BasicUI update - the button states and variables etc - in a reasonable time. The logs are running only slightly better.

0s - Event on network
10s - Event gets written to log files
7-10 min - BasicUI updates button states, variable data

Yes same problem here:

I’m toggling a Sonoff basic Module but BASICUI doesn’t update and the APP does.

It does respond immediate in Microsoft Edge but not in CHROME !!


I did the update from 2.1 -> 2.2 yesterday evening.
Since then basic ui is not updating it self anymore.
Tested with Firefox (Windows), Chrome (Windows) and Safari (iOS)

After a restart of openhab service refresh is working again…

Yes, I have same problem after updating the sitemap. Then the auto-update is gone.
I also tried to clear the cache then, but this also does not help. only a restart of OH.
This was already in OH2.1, and now also on OH2.2


Me too, the same thing, problem?! only EDGE is working with out restart of OH 2.2

I have the same problem with unreliable auto update in BasicUI up to version 2.4. My browser is Chrome. This is really annoying. You have to reload the page to be sure that the correct state is visible. A fix would be great. There are a lot of posts reporting problems with auto update of BasicUI BasicUI auto update problem