Should Zwave devices be working Openhab2?

Should zwave be working in the new Openhab2 beta release? It works fine for me in Openhab, but i cant seem to get it working in Openhab2. Not sure if Paper Ui should be showing anything or how I can tell if it’s working or not. Can’t get habmin2 working at the moment either due to an already reported bug so can’t check status that way.

I Can’t get Z-Wave in a working condition in the Beta either. If I go back to the alpha2 it works, so I guess that there is someting in the beta build.

I was hoping to try and configure some zwave devices as well but also still confused in trying to learn if it isworking or not.

Is there an alternative to Habmin to try? I read in the zwave binding wiki that perhaps OpenZWave can be used as well?

If you want something that is running, and working, you should definately go for OH 1.7.1. Habmin is working just fine there. I have a OH 1.7.1 running with Z-Wave, MQTT, MQTTitude on a Raspberry Pi 2 B.

It works in 1.8 as well. I have weather, MQTT, DSC Alarm, and Zwave working on a raspberry pi 2 with no issues.

There is indeed currently a problem with ZWave on beta1. See also Migration from OH 1.7.1 to OH 2.0.0.b1