Show/control thing/channel states in things view

When discovering things using the Paper UI it would make sense to be able interact with the thing without creating items.

Currently Configuration / Things only shows the things and channels but not the channel states. It is also not possible to send commands to a channel.

Is this something that can be done? I think it would make the UI experience better for a beginner. Of course at some point you will want to create items but I think this should rather be an optional step than necessary to do anything with the things.

As this concerns the Eclipse SmartHome API and the Paper UI is part of ESH as well, the question should rather go to
For openHAB 2, the main focus is the compatibility with openHAB 1 for the moment to provide a smooth transition for existing users. For beginners, I am planning to have some “easy mode”, which dynamically automatically provides items for all (non-advanced) channels.