Show custom data in Habpanel chart

I have a chart in Habpanel that shows data collected from a Netatmo sensor. I would now also like to show cutom calculated data. My plan is to create a new item and log that to the database. The problem is that I have no idea to do this, so I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction. Preferable using PaperUI or Habmin. If there is a better way without storing data on the disk it would also be useful to know.


If you have created an item and have it populated with data, you only have the configure the corresponding *.persist file (like rrd4j. persist). In that file you configure how often the data is saved into the database.

Thanks a lot. One more thing, how do I create a new item and populate it with data based upon other other things? For example a heat index based upon air temperature and windspeed. Preferable using PaperUI or Habmin.


For that you need a sensor which can be discovered by OpenHAB as a Thing. What kind of sensors do you have?

I have no real sensor but an imaginary one that takes data from other sensors, make some kind of calculaltions and hopefully presents the result in a chart.


So you need to display the reading of that imaginary sensor? Or do I misunderstand your problem?

Yes that is right.

Use the PaperUI .Select the Thing that represents your sensor and link the desired channel to your imaginary item.

Thanks, that was easy. Now to the next step, how do I edit the data before saving it, for example I would like to add two sensors values and get the mean value.

/ Max

In this case I’d use an additional item that gets set via a rule. The trigger would be the change of either item you are summing up. In the rule you can do what ever math you need and do a postulate to the additional item.