Showing lcd4linux mjpeg stream (enigma2) on habpanel

i have a enigma2 linux sat receiver and i use a small display (pearl display) to show some information on it.

I use the lcd4linux plugin in enigma2. I´m able to show the display info in a html-widget (url:, but this is not very good, because on every refresh of the site the picture flickers.

lcd4linux offers a mjpeg stream too. On my android smartphone i use mjpegviewer and it works great. So i wanted to show the mjpeg strem inside a box on habpanel. The image-widget can do this.

But i only get a blank widget.

My url is only ip : port

Anybody tried this already? Or is this only wokring with “long” urls like

I used mjpeg streams of a webcam recently and it worked great.

Why don’t you have a look into the Firefox/Chrome Developer Console (F12 or CTRL-ALT-I in Chrome) and look for the mjpeg URL it tries to reach?

The image widget adds a timestamp to the query string. You can try to workaround this by following my workaround of the issue I created recently.