Showoff: your lab working area?

Hi all just a small fun topic lets show off our labs/DIY work area

  • for fun
  • and also to learn from each other, what tools and what not
  • cool projects that are laying around
  • and just to show off all the things that came from China :slight_smile:

i will startā€¦
i took this picture after i did some organizationā€¦Instagram photo :wink:
itā€™s hardly its normal state most of the time it looks likeā€¦ donā€™t let me go there ā€¦ just terrible
if the topic will catch up promise one ugly photo also


A lab working area? What a conveinceā€¦ lol

My lab is a laptop and tray.

You have a tray? What a good idea to move the junk out of sight on. LOL :joy: Mines just a pile of junk that rarely moves.

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hhh i use to work like this also , it was half hour just to get the things back in the closet
then i had a box , but a tray is way cooler :slightly_smiling_face:

I still have a box. and my wife dining room table. ( with lots of screams LOL)

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That was exactly my reaction. I have a couple of boxes that I pull down and have to sort though every time I want to do something. I have a silicon mat and use what ever table or flat surface is most convenient at the time.

For tools I have:

  • Cheap but pretty good soldering iron
  • Cheap helping hands
  • Silicon baking mat to protect surfaces
  • An old license plate to further protect surfaces from the soldering iron and solder
  • Jewelerā€™s needle nose pliers (their great for making the little round pig tails on wires)
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • One of those solder sucker upper thingies (am are gud at DIY electro-thingies)
  • All kinds of random parts because apparently you canā€™t buy just one or two of anything so I end up with like 99 capacitors because I had one project that needed one
  • Harbor Fright multi-meter

Eventually, as time and budget allows, Iā€™m converting part of my garage to a wood working shop. I plan on adding an electronics station if there is room.

I highly recommend the silicone baking mats. Iā€™ve dropped the iron tip down and it didnā€™t even phase the mat, let alone the table.


Just make sure you handle dust properlyā€¦ :wink:

OK, sorry guys, but I do have an actual ā€˜lab roomā€™ā€¦ :innocent::grin:

ā€¦after some serious clean-up, actually.


well thatā€™s Nicceee :grimacing:
love the ice cube trays !!!

Why should I start doing that now at this stage in life? :smiley:

I wasnā€™t concerned about you, but the electronics equipment and partsā€¦ :rofl::grin:

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They are actually very convenient for sorting parts while (dis)assembling (not so much for SMD stuff, though).

I second that one :smiley: I dont even dare to show a picture of my deskā€¦ ItĀ“s in an ā€œamerican orderā€. Everything is on top :laughing:
Small cluesā€¦ My Zigbee Trust sensor is standing of a few empty boxes from other gagdets devicesā€¦ Two other motion sensores are placed on top of one of my 8" speaker montiors (I use the monitors for music production). On top of the other speaker monitor, I have two POE switches, (one is switched off atm). Have quite a few spare parts lying around the desk, as well as at small Velbus kit for testingā€¦ In all, itĀ“s all a total messā€¦ but hey, I know where everything is placedā€¦ hmm, I think/hope :smile:

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so somthing like a month ago i ordered this :slight_smile: