Shut Down TCP Binding Connection Without Stopping OpenHAB

I have a TCP Binding to a TCP->Serial device that only allows one connection. Normally, my TCP Binding keeps that open, but occasionally I need to access it directly, so I need to shut down the connection on the binding. If I remove the item, it claims that it it shutting it down, but the TCP connection stays ESTABLISHED. Shutting down OpenHab (obviously) closes that.

Anyone know a way to force OpenHAB to drop that TCP connection without shutting OpenHAB down?

Instead of shutting it down, why not allow more than 1 TCP connection?
For linux, you can use ser2net or ser2sock.
For Windows, you can use

The problem is the device. Since it is a TCP->Serial converter, the serial port on the back end only allows one “session” to control it at a time. There isn’t a way to share that serial connection across two TCP sessions.