Shutter- and underfloor heating controller

Hello All,

We got our house built recently and I have the following problem:

  1. For all shutters “smart home 35se10” motors were installed and the 5 core control cables are in one place, I don’t have any switch next to the windows.
  2. For the underfloor heating there are two cycles (ground floor and second-floor) like this:

Since I don’t want to touch the house, I found the “Fibaro roller shutter 3” to control the shutters. But how can I connect and control together with the heating?

Could you please help me to figure out what kind of devices should I buy and how should I connect them into one system?

Control how? You want to poke buttons on the wall, click on your phone, have some kind of automation like closing shutters at dusk?

I would like to have wall controller (RF the only option) and also app.

You can use the Fibaro FGRM-223 for your shutters and FGR-223 for general purpose including open/close of valves when you use electric valves (there’s simple ones to use thermoactive foam at ~15€). You’ll also need a ZWave controller like UZB or the Aeotec controller.

But other than that, the answer is NO. Sounds like you don’t have a plan.
You need a real carefully thought-out plan before you may start messing with the heating system.
This isn’t for kids but the probably most challenging part in home automation.
You must not arbitrarily invade independently working systems, that I (and hopefully all others) will not help you with.
Definitely you should not start your HA journey with that.

I don’t have plan, I have user stories:

  1. I want to draw the shutters when I leave the house and turn off the heating.
    2 I want to turn on the heating prior to my arrival back to home.

If I buy 20 Fibaro (one for each shutter) do I need anything which supervises them or can I control a set of them (move all shutter in one room)?

The thing is that I would not do any DIY, what I am look for is a Computherm Q4Z to control the heating. The problem with that the heating will be “offline” and it can be control remotely, only via RF thermostat.

You mustn’t implement stuff based on user stories. You need proper knowledge about how those technologies work and what’s the logic you ultimately want to carry out.

Hire some knowledgeable installer or integrator to do that for you. Or dive into yourself, but note that requires you to thoroughly work into things which is a time consuming task you cannot finish within a day or week.
As I said this isn’t for kids.