Shutters: activate defined state with one click - how?

Hi @all

I’d like to create an item (e.g. selection item with 3 or more buttons) that gives me possiblity to send my rollershutters to pre-defined states. Let’s call the buttons A, B and C

A) shutter is down (100%), lamella closed to 100%
B) shutter is down (100%), lamella closed to 70%
C) shutter is down to 50%, lamella are closed to 50%

The selection item isn’t the problem. I have no clue how to design the according “jalousie.rules”.

I appreciate any hints.

Thx & regards,

I would recommend to use one Switch element in your sitemap. This switch element does support mappings that do what you would like:

Switch item=RollershutterItem_You_have_defined mappings=[100="100%",70="70%", 50="50%"]


Thank you very much - your solution is much easier than I was ever thinking of.

Well done :smile: